On consideration

So going through this little journey, painful and slow at times, I came to some conclusions.  I feel a little frustrated that it’s taken a long time; I wished I’d thought it through earlier, but I guess we need the journey sometimes.  

I mentioned to MrP about the three moods, he took it on the chin, and agreed (he was MrP Number One at the time ;)).

I told him I needed to get stronger and instead of reacting (badly) to the terrorist moments, I needed to let him know, calmly, that we could talk later after he’d moved through the moment.

He was entirely in agreement.  We need to talk but just at better times.

We also made another rule. Not an antagonistic word can be spoken after a sip of wine or beer has been taken.  Not even a whisper of one.  It’s then, of course, that it’s easier to talk, but it’s also when our saddest, most painful conversations have taken place.

Simple rules, but hopefully something we can use to move forward with more grace.

So with these thoughts in mind, we’ve had a calmer week.  MrP gallantly has held off on more terrorist moments, which I appreciate immeasurably.

Just a short blog today. 




About Mrs Parkinsons

Views of family life and Parkinson's Disease, from a should-be-less-selfish wife. This might not be pretty. Find me on Twitter @MrsParkinsons
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