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Right now, I want to send my love, for what it’s worth, and pay my respects to the people of Christchurch. I’m not sure this will do them any particular good, but it seems right and proper and important. What … Continue reading

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Rebellious and stubborn mule

I need to talk about work. I seem to have a mental block at the moment, presumably brought on by Things I Need To Do, sort of as a result of MrP’s Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s, of course, can have a funny … Continue reading

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Wow. Just had a lightbulb moment, and all the things I am supposed to be doing will have to wait. I was extremely chuffed to discover Wobbly William’s website this week. I love his attitude, and showed the site to … Continue reading

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From coffin, to prison, to open compound. Where next?

It’s a funny old lark, experiencing Parkinson’s from the partner’s point of view. You understand, but you don’t. You can see, but you can’t feel. You feel sad, but not always for your partner. (Some of you will know I … Continue reading

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I’m still standing

I kind of understand, with my limited knowledge, that some of the very best songs, stories and poems have all got angst at heart. Most of my blogs so far, have had a fair share of angst (ok, feeling sorry … Continue reading

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